Test and Tune at Roebling Road Raceway

Our first day in the car was on October 1st, 2017 at Roebling Road Raceway.  This is our home track and all of us have quite a few laps there, so we felt it would be good “level ground” to see how everyone did in the car.  It was an HPDE day with PDE so there was traffic that we had to contend with, but we all were within two seconds a lap from each other.  The car performed flawless for us and we had perfect weather to really get a feel for everything.  The tires were about the weakest link in the equation and we decided to swap in a set of wider corvette wheels that luckily bolted right up for us.  For several of us this was the first chance to also test and get use to our new racing equipment, Hans devices, new helmets with internal speaker/mic systems and full racing suits required by the racing series.  We also practiced safety drills to make sure everyone was knowledgeable about procedures as well as exit strategies in case of emergency.  Check out a few clips of each driver in the car below.


Team Work Day
First Race @ Atlanta Motorsports Park