Team Work Day

We had a team work day to get the car in order before the first race at AMP at the end of October.  We needed to change out the fluids, brake pads, continue working on the new lighting system as well as change the shocks.  We needed to change the shocks back to non-adjustable ones in order not to be penalized points for tech inspection with the Champcar series.  It came with adjustables on it but we opted to put non-adjustables back on so we could use those points elsewhere.  Teammates Ernie and Ken worked to take the front end apart to get the front shocks out while Raymond removed and replaced the rear shocks.  Meanwhile Gary worked on the remaining wiring setup for the live camera feed and custom fabricated the lighting brackets and wiring for the LED headlights.  The LED’s are like staring into the sun and work extremely well.  We got everything put back together and all of the systems tested, everything is fully functioning.  We are now ready for out first test day out at our local track Roebling Road Raceway.  Check out our next Blog post for more info and video of the track day.

Picking Up the New Chump Car
Test and Tune at Roebling Road Raceway