Picking Up the New Chump Car

So at 6:00am sharp Gary, Ernie and Raymond left from Savannah Ga to head approximately six hours north to Fancy Gap, VA to pick up the new chump car; a 1999 Pontiac Firebird 3.8l V6.  It was an interesting ride to say the least with hilarious stories about Hooters Restaurants and just getting to know the new teammates better and what made everyone eager to be a part of the team.  We were anxious to lay eyes on the new car which had only been seen via the internet and one video.  But soon after we arrived, those anxious feelings evaporated as the car fired up and rolled off the trailer.  It was in excellent condition and better then we hoped for, it had really been taken well care of.  The car came with several sets of spares and was custom built by Phoenix Racing.  Most everyone who has seen it thus far has said it is the nicest looking Chump Car they have seen, and we tend to agree!  We wanted to make sure we started with a well sorted car that we didn’t have to put a lot of time into chasing issues and bugs.  We feel we started with a solid build and can now put our own mark on it now.  Check out our next blog post to follow some of the build out process as we begin our work.

The Search is on for the ChumpCar
Team Work Day