Steven Ruscoe

I was born in a small city in New Jersey on December 4th 1989 and grew up in a town called Old Bridge. My family has always been into fast cars and motorcycles for as far back as I could remember so it only made sense that I got into it as well. In 1st grade I was presented a very special opportunity to show the world what I was capable of as my dad bought me my first dirtbike. By the time I was in the 2nd grade I started racing competitively on a KX60 and instantly started sweeping the win at every race I attended winning trophies at every event I entered. After two years racing my KX60 I moved up to a YZ80 where my time was cut short due to a very bad accident that left me broken in the hospital for over a month with a lacerated liver. Upon my release from the hospital I was too scared to continue racing but my competitive nature never died.

Skill Set

Ability to learn new tracks

Fast forward some years to when I finally got to purchase my first car (3000GT) and was able to see what it was like to rip around on some twisted back roads on the outskirts of the town I lived in. The feeling of actually driving a car was something I have always dreamed of at that age and I was very excited to hone in my skills at being able to control the car with the same precision as I could a motorcycle. Skip forward a few more years to when I moved from Jersey to Georgia where I sold my 3000GT and got an SVT Focus that was used as some what of a stepping stone introducing me to a semi proper handling car. At this point I was becoming a better driver and had the skills to prove it within my small group of friends, this was proven on small circuits that my friends and I put together at local logistics yards where we would compete in autocross style racing with apex markers made of safety cones. This continued on for some time until I sold my SVT Focus and bought a 350z that I had added some goodies to in hopes of making the suspension a bit more tight. After the work was done on my Z I really started taking things to the next level in terms of improving my driving skills. I would hit every turn on any road like it was the last turn I was ever going to see.  Every chance I got to really push the car to its limits I took it and didn’t shy away from it. From drifting some small back roads to hitting the same turn over and over again I had a desire to really take my driving to the next level.

Insert a motorcycle into my life and this is where things really got interesting. I purchased a BMW S1000RR and instantly started taking my riding to the local tracks where I was moving up in skill level faster than some of the people I was racing with. My competitive nature has never left me and did nothing but make me more hungry to really get out there to show the world what I can do yet again. My times were dropping and my RPM’s were turning higher than they ever had before. Just as things were getting good it took a turn for the worst when I wrecked my bike into a curb at 90mph completely destroying the bike and leaving me depressed in the process. Thankfully a very good friend of mine (Gary) offered to sell me his track ready Mazdaspeed Miata because he could see that I was pretty distraught over what had happened. Because of him the fire that was slowly burning out was reignited and the flame was burning hotter than ever! I took my newly purchased Miata to the track where he (Gary) sat in the car to coach me on how to drive because I wanted to take it to the next level. Fortunately I’m a natural when it comes to speed and “racing” so he was only in the car with me for one session until he ultimately gave me the thumbs up to be a solo driver. Never ceasing to impress my peers I was met with positivity after each session as people were amazed to see the times I was turning in a Miata with street tires. My competitive mindset makes me thirsty to get out and give it my all every single time whether its on a motorcycle or sitting in a car. As a newbie to the team and competitive car racing I have nothing to lose and everything to gain which makes me a box full of surprises. Racing is in my blood and will always be in my blood. Time to get out there and show the world what I am made of.