Raymond Lamb

I’ve had a need for speed as long as I can remember.  Sport Trucks, Jet Boats, motorcycles and cars; I wasn’t interested if it couldn’t go fast.  Now most of the time due to budget constraints my version of fast wasn’t quite as fast as the next guy, but we make what we have work!  That all changed in 2015 when I purchased my new SRT Viper.  I’ve pretty much eat, sleep and dream all things Viper and have done so since 1995 when I personally learned that the car existed.  This thing was on a whole new level of speed and I was instantly hooked.  I knew I needed to find somewhere I could open this thing up without being arrested and started searching the internet for race tracks and driving events.  That’s what lead me to a HPDE group and introduced me to Road Course Racing.  I had done plenty of street racing growing up, don’t tell anyone and kids do as I say not as I do; but nothing came close to 155+ MPH down the back straight blasting by other cars.  My first time on track landed me with my race instructor, none other than Apex Predators own Gary Javo, who had an extensive background racing Vipers himself.

Skill Set


After running around 12 of these HPDE events our group started to talk about wanting to do more competitive racing, and here we are.  I’ve enjoyed racing the Viper and will continue to do so as much as I can, but I look forward to this new chapter and adventure as a bucket list sort of opportunity and look to make the most of it.  When I’m out in the Viper I constantly look for ways to improve my driving and shave a few tenths off of each lap.  It’s an exciting time and it’s also great to have a wonderful wife and two awesome kids that back me, cheer me on and are as excited about it as I am.