Gary Javo

It has been said that he thumps small babies on the head when their parents aren’t looking.  Sure, he can wheel a car around the track, but did you know that he screams like a little girl if a roach flies anywhere near him?  Gary Javo has a relatively lack luster driving resume.  He started as a street racer and got his big break when he was invited to drive a Heffner Twin Turbo Ford GT for the Car & Driver 0-200-0 challenge in 2007.  After winning that event (hell, a broken watch is right twice a day) he went on to compete in one mile (best of 222 mph in 2008) and quarter mile racing (8.57 @170mph in a 6-speed IRS car in 2008).  In 2010, he started road racing and never looked back.  He set the stock production car record at his home track, Roebling Road (1:14.66) in his Viper ACR.  We still have no idea how that happened.  Probably an error in the timing equipment.  He has progressed to being mildly competent behind the wheel and should prove to be a mediocre addition to this team.  Believe it or not, this was the least goofy picture that we could find of him.

Skill Set

Racing Experience